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Tinder Insights is an independent data visualization tool for online dating habits associated with the Tinder app. Tinder Insights is not part of Tinder or Match Group.

How do we handle your data?

Being aware of privacy is important and we are happy that you are taking time to read into this short, easy to understand summary of our data policy regarding your data uploads! The file Tinder sent you contains personal data (your name, email address) and sensitive private information about your sexual orientation. Handle the file with care and do not share it with untrusted sources!
How do I know that I can trust Tinder Insights?
The current privacy regulations legally bind us to give you full information on how your personal data is processed and to handle your data with the highest care. To find out more about how we handle and protect your data, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
Did you read it?
Probably not, but that's okay, we don't like reading legal text either.

We are only interested in how people use Tinder - but we don't want to know who you are. When clicking the submit button, we remove all data from your file that can directly identify you as a person, and we only analyze your fully anonymized usage data and some demographic factors that we require for statistical analysis.

We do NOT collect your name, email, phone, IP address or any similar personal information!
Why does Tinder Insights store the number of swipes, matches etc.?
We provide you a comparison of average female and male usage statistics. That wouldn't be possible if we didn't save some statistics from our users. We are also huge data nerds and like analyzing and visualizing things. That's why we decided to safely collect anonymized data, so later we can provide you with even more accurate cool visualizations and facts about how people use Tinder. By using our service, you contribute to making online-dating habits more transparent for everyone!
Have fun reading your visualizations and always be privacy-aware! If you have any more questions, drop a message to